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Ride beside the ocean coast


One of the most popular tours in  Gran Canaria.  A coast road leads us to Taurito trough a hilly geography with fantastic views of the ocean and the mountains. 


Distance: 55 km

Duration: +-3 hours

Elevation: +800 m


Santa Lucia

Wind challenge


The perfect route for wind training. First we head into the wind during 15 kilometres. Beating these trade winds is a real challenge.

Once in Vecindario we take the direction of Santa Lucia, an 11 km climb for testing our legs before arriving to the beautiful village of Santa Lucia. We pursue the climb to San Bartolomé. The way back to Playa del Ingles is a long descent through the Valley of thousand Palm trees, which makes it worth the previous effort. But... it isn’t over till it is over....


Distance: 68km

Duration: +- 4 Hours

Elevation: +1400 m


Ayagaures Tour

Enjoy nature


Ride through the beautiful canyon  of  Ayagaures  where a 3,5 km climb bring us to the wonderfull village & the dam.




Distance:  45 km

Duration: +- 2 hours

Elevation: 350 m

Pico de las Nieves

Climb to the top  (1945m)


The classic high mountain climb in Gran Ganaria. we start climbing from the sea level and going up to + - 500 meter the first view point in our ride (Degollada de las Yeguas) then we descend direction Fataga where we start a climbing Again to the top of Gran Canaria.


Beautiful village as Fataga, San Bartolomé, Ayacata, give you a better feeling and more power to keep climbing, with climbs up to 15%, brings us up to the 1945 meters high.

Stunning views toward Las Palmas and the Roque Nublo & Teide volcan at Tenerife are a well-deserved reward.



Distance:  90km

Duration: +- 5 hours

Elevation: +2500 m



  • Distance:  85 km
  • Elevation: + 2000 m
  • Max altitude: 1250 m
Down load GPX

Vuelta Gran Canaria 

Around GC 

Distance: 180 km

Elevation: +- 3100 m

Max altitude: 700 m

Duration: 7 hours

Valley of the Tears

The steepest

 One of most remote village of the island 

  "Carrizal Tejeda" and considered the

steepest climb of gran granaria and one

of the hardest climbs in Europe.

Epic climb of 12km on 8% average and max of 25%  test your endurance and

challenge your limits.


but first, you must reach the valley!

ride from Playa del Ingles to Soria climbing TauroPass (8.6km 8%)

afterwoods a 9km technical downhill lead us to the GC-200 where we face 2 climbs

(1.8km 6%, 4km 5% ) before the

long downhill to San Nicolas

After a well deserved coffee break, 

we ride throw the dams route during 10km with some challenging walls climbs

and beautiful scenery to reach the

VOTT and start the challenge

Distance:  130km

Duration: +- 7 Hours

Elevation: +3300 m

Gran Canaria 

South Tour

  • Distance: 180km
  • Elevation: +- 3500 m
  • Max altitude: 1750 m


Gran Canaria 

West Tour 

  • Distance: 200 km
  • Elevation: +- 5000 m
  • Max altitude: 1750 m

Gran Canaria 

East Tour

  • Distance: 172 km
  • Elevation: +3000 m
  • Max altitude: 1500 m

Gran Canaria 

Center Climb Tour 

  • Distance: 200 km
  • Elevation: +4600 m
  • Max altitude: 1700 m

Ride beside the ocean 

  • Distance: 170 km
  • Elevation: + 1600 m
  • Max altitude: 225 m

Dams Tour   

  • Distance:  165 km
  • Elevation: + 3500 m
  • Max altitude: 1500 m

Gran Canaria 

Pico (Ingenio) Tour   

  • Distance:  100 km
  • Elevation: + 2500 m
  • Max altitude: 1940 m


  • Distance:  76 km
  • Elevation: + 1000 m
  • Max altitude: 888 m

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